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30 years of experience in publishing Architecture and BMS - Communication of cultural events and art exhibitions - Promotion of high-end tourism.


Social Media

Social platforms are the new media through which to communicate your values


Threesixty social media agency

Since 2009 -at the dawn of web 2.0- Threesixty has developed specific skills on social networks.
The first feature of the intervention proposed by the consultants Threesixty is the vision of social media as new media to know languages, technicality and target audience.
The writing of the editorial plan takes into account the SEO even before the potential direct readers.
In addition to its own profiles, the agency designs, develops and manages over 40 Facebook Pages, defining its own value strategy.
A coherent digital identity passes through an editorial plan that optimizes and crosses Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Vimeo, Facebook, Twitter, Google My Business, Linkedin, Pinterest, Telegram. The agency also offers refresher courses on the subject and training of staff within companies.

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Press Office

Everything you need to make news and be published in traditional press, web, radio and tv


Threesixty Press Office

A 24-hour service to respond to those who ask for materials; produce quality content; evaluate opportunities; create a network of contacts with journalists and influencers; monitor competitors; feed the press review.
An action that today translates into visibility and web positioning easily measurable even after the first press release.

Digital PR

Optimizing relations with online audiences: from internal ones to suppliers, from banks to the final public


Threesixty Digital PR

For Digital PR Threesixty means the digital transposition of the skills gained in over 25 years of working alongside companies in Public Relations.
In practice, Threesixty helps you to optimize relations with your audiences not only offline but also online.
This applies to journalists (but also bloggers, youtubers, instagrammers) as well as to professional or specific audiences (architects, engineers, installers, gallery owners, dealers, etc.) or to the final audience.

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